What Method Should Be Used To Check For Pronoun Agreement

Pronoun matching errors are also relatively common in enhancement sentences, and you should expect to see some questions that deal with them. However, you probably don`t want to check every underlined pronoun, like on the ISE, as they are often part of more complicated constructions with which there are many other possible problems. (For example, pronouns are often used as fillers in word choice questions.) Moral of the story: Pronouns should always have a clear precursor and be in agreement with the name they replace. Now that we`ve established what that means, let`s look at the bugs you`re likely to see on the SAT. Indefinite pronouns as precursors also pose a particular problem. The marbles are countable; therefore, the theorem has a plural reference pronoun. Walden University prides itself on being an inclusive institution that serves a diverse population of students. When it comes to pronouns on the SAT, the first step is always to determine what its precursor is. This will make it much easier to understand the right pronoun. Many people form a company, a school or an organization. However, for the purposes of pronoun agreement, consider these three groups as singular and use them, theirs or yourself to maintain the agreement.

B has an error with the correspondence in the number: « their » is plural and cannot be used with « a person ». C completely removes the precursor and creates a sentence that makes no sense. Underlined nouns can also indicate pronoun matching errors, although they usually mean that there is a slightly different subject-verb match problem. In the above sentence, Clara is the noun and she is the pronoun that agrees with Clara. Sounds good, right? But take a closer look. « Yours » takes the place of « your friend » in this sentence – do you see the problem? « Your » is a plural pronoun, but « your friend » is only one person. .