Wfg Agent Agreement

They also filled out a W-9 form for me (which, by the way, I didn`t know anything about until I saw it attached to the agreement, as you can see in the link). This is a request to the government to disclose my tax identification number. They filled out my name incorrectly, so I hope the form doesn`t pass. 11 Contractual relationship with WFG. The policies and rules of the Partnership Agreement are contractual additions to this Agreement that are binding on the Partner and are part of this Agreement by that reference. The policies and rules of the Partnership Agreement are not subject to the notification requirements of this Agreement; provided, however, that the amendments contained therein take effect from the date of general publication. D. Corporate Clients. All officers, directors and employees of WFG, whether current or former, individual or entrepreneurial. E. Alliances. The Partner understands and acknowledges that the commissions received by the Partner for the sale of products and services constitute, in part, compensation for the establishment of WFG`s proprietary rights in its network of distributors/agents under contract and in the products and services sold by the Partner or its Downline Partners, and for the Employee`s agreement contained herein; not to infringe or interfere with these proprietary rights and not to violate the agreements see below….