Can You Change The Name On A Car Finance Agreement

Hi, Eddie. The SEAT guy was out of the question if the funding was at Volkswagen Financial Services, because they wouldn`t allow it. If the financial company finds out, it will likely try to terminate the agreement. I got a provisional driver`s license 15 years ago (so I guess it`s now expired?), but I didn`t rule out learning to drive at some point. I want to buy a car by buying a rental for my fiancé as a gift – I will pay the monthly payments, etc., in exchange for the fact that he goes around me. Is this possible, given that I will still be able to learn to drive in the future and that I would commit to its insurance? I`m going to have a car on financing for my daughter, she`s going to use the car. Are you okay? I will pay the monthly payments and she will be the main driver? Thank you There should have been a clause in the GTC in which the applicant states that he/she will be the owner and primary user and that he/she does not accept any funding for anyone else, so that the financial company can argue that your father-in-law knowingly committed fraud. In reality, it can normally be developed without the financial company anticipating against you or your father-in-law, in order to influence solvency or prevent future financing. The financial company does not wish to be upset by the notification of fraud (which constitutes a crime), so it should welcome the fact that the matter is settled immediately. Sorry and she pays funding directly from her Acc last year, I included funding with a provisional license, in the hope that my child`s father would help me pass my test because he had his driver`s license and he didn`t have a car, he was insured in the car and would drive it if I didn`t learn. The car and papers (v5) were delivered to his address, as I was living with him at the time and (without my consent) he put the car in his name (v5). It took me a while to pass my test due to financial difficulties, and he paid me the money for the car every month, since he was the main driver. Since then, I have passed my exam and I want to drive my car, and unfortunately we had a terrible breakup and it is difficult and he even stopped paying the money for the car and refuses to give it back to me.

With the stress of the time we`re going through, it`s a huge burden for me and our little child, and I don`t know what to do or who to talk to. For each piece of advice, I would be grateful. A little confused – if I`m not the driver, but want to pay all the payments myself, is it still accommodation for me to pay for my wife`s car? I have a provisional driver`s license, but registering the new car under my name means that insurance under my name would be expensive and we would be busy selling their old car instead of being able to share it because it is registered on it. In this scenario — she pays the insurance she can afford, I pay the lease I can — there is no dishonesty or intent at all, we only manage our finances to maximize our individual credit ratings in addition to being a couple. Is this still not allowed by leasing companies, because it seems very unfair if it is! Thanks for the quick response. Do you have any ideas on how I can handle this? Is this a case where I sell him the car so he can find another financial company? Hello, Chad. Unfortunately, you`re probably not the rightful owner of the vehicle – if the financing contract is a PCP or HP, the finance company retains ownership of the vehicle until the final payment has been made. With a PCP or HP, financing is secured against the vehicle.

This means that the financial company can take steps to recover the vehicle if you stop paying, but it is limited to taking action against you personally to compensate for their losses (i.e. – they cannot force you to go bankrupt). However, if you refuse to hand over the car, it could be assumed that you have stolen it. The financial company does not use your (ex)girlfriend and will sue you sooner than she. . . .