Agreement Prijevod

ETYM See the French approval. 1. Compatibility of observations; SYN. Correspondence. 2. Harmony of opinions or actions or characters of people; SYN. agreement. 3. Determination of grammatical inflection on the basis of verbal relationships; SYN.

Concord. 4. The declaration (oral or written) of an exchange of commitments; SYN. It is understanding. 5. The thing agreed or agreed; SYN. The provision. 6. Oral Act of Approval. In grammar, the choice of a form of inflection of a word, so that the parts of a sentence correspond in number, uppercase/lowercase and gender. Sporazum o dodjeli bespovratnih sredstava uključuje najmanje sljedeće u sporazumu o dodjeli bespovratnih sredstava izričito je utvrđeno da datum za prihvatljivost troškova prethodi datumu za podnošenje zahtjevâ. Odredbe glave VIII.

koe se primjenjuju na sporazume o dodjeli bespovratnih sredstava primjenju se mutatis mutandis na odluke o bespovratnim sredstvima. Takva posebna pravila uključuju se u sporazum o dodjeli bespovratnih sredstava. Procedures for the award of grants and grant agreements It is presumed that there is no discretion when the grant agreement defines the following synonyms: correspondence | | Concord | | Understand the agreement agreement, agreement; Coincidence, similarity and equality, equivalence of forms and equality of surfaces; Congruence. (lat.) Decision on the conclusion of a labour subsidy agreement. Enter a word for translation: English dictionary German dictionary Latin Turkish Dictionary Hungarian dictionary French dictionary Slovenian czech dictionary The dictionary signs individual agreements, decisions and grant agreements Consent of a country to get a certain face for the diplomatic representative of another country. . The loan agreement and the grant agreement contain provisions relating to the | Copyright © 2007-2020 LEFTOR d.o.o. Tuzla, BiH The entities concerned are listed in the grant agreement. . .