Where Can The Aua (Acceptable Use Agreement) Form Be Found

The university network is called GRCCnet and provides its students, collaborators and clients (hereafter referred to as users) with access to local, government, national and international IT resources through networks outside the CSF. It is the responsibility of these external networks to impose their own acceptable agreements and usage policies. GRCC assumes no responsibility for network traffic that violates the acceptable use agreement for directly or indirectly related networks, with the exception of informing the user that he/she may be violated if the RCMPC external network connects him or her. This agreement on the authorized use of computers and networks relates to the use of computer and telecommunications resources at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). The college makes these resources available specifically to support its mission and business processes. Campus computer systems and RCMPCnet resources are wholly owned by GRCC. All messages, documents and other forms of information generated, sent or received by a user as part of this agreement with RCMPC information technology resources may be accessed, verified and disclosed by RCMPC at any time without prior notice or consent from the user or party receiving a transmission. Under no circumstances should the user expect that information, e-mail messages or pro-rata facilities that are sent by RCMPC messaging systems or Internet services or information accessed by RCMPC systems will be confidential. The user has no expectation of privacy as part of this agreement.

Disclosure may include law enforcement officials, regulators and governments, as well as members of the public who make requests under the Freedom of Information Act. In addition, these messages, documents and information may be made mandatory through the judicial process. Once the computer accounts are closed, others can access the accounts or data included in them to facilitate the transfer of responsibility or the consultation of the data. GRCC does not accept the functionality or performance of the resources provided by using computer and network accounts to respond to specific purposes or uses, and the user who has these accounts bears any risk of loss or damage that results. E-mail correspondence between MPC staff to students or the community directly related to the completion of the college`s tasks and business must be made via the official email address MPC.edu. Any official correspondence with a preferred or indicated email address that is not an MPC email address is considered a violation of this Policy. MPC students should be responsible for checking MPC.edu e-mail often for communication from the university and its staff. The MPC administration recognizes that there are exceptions to this directive, for example. B when contacted by former students who no longer use university e-mail or by students interested in studies who have not yet received their email address.