What Is Index2 In Agreement

For the registration of an apartment in Haveli No. 2 in Pune in February 2001, the computerized reception format of index II was not used at the time. Is it okay to file a copy of the registration document or does the buyer need to receive a computerized receipt or what? 1) Index 2 contains the total amount of the transaction for your property. It contains no information about what is paid or remains. Index 2 is part of the sales statement. Index 2 Real Estate Document Download/How to download Index II of the agreement and the registered deed of sale. My husband and I inherited a 1/2 share of an apartment in Pune from my mother. We need to prepare Index II. I immediately inherited 1/2 share. The Ball. 1/2 share without sharing is abandoned by the only surviving heir of my brother.

Disposal demobilization for its share – Indexii for the same 1/2 share already registered with us. Stamp duty – registration fee also paid on the same. Please send me the format of the application letter that must be filed a) For the transfer of our new names to PMC and b) For the application of Index II and c) what documents are required to obtain Index II for the inherited part. D) What are the fees and e) the complete procedure to get our new names transferred – INDEX-II made for our inherited action 1/2. E) Also specify the details for which we must apply with the correct address – Contact Number. If it`s possible. Pl guide us seniors so that we can apply and mutate our names – get INDEX-II as well. This article explains what Index II or Index 2 means when a document is saved or returned to a document that has been saved. I buy the flat agreement registered in the registry office, but the date of the agreement is empty, how to update in the registry office please…

This request, which is made by the bank before the dissolution of Scheck Hi, your Index II, with your purchase contract registered. The description of the page on the property, such as the district year, the name of the village and the object number or document number. You can also download it online as follows. « Connect to www.esearch.igrmaharashtra.gov.in Enter the year, district, village name and property number or document number. Collect details such as document number, name, registration date, SRO name, office code, seller`s name, buyer`s name and item description. Write down the required document number and receive an Index II document or a copy by clicking on the download option. Check the first two pages of your original purchase agreement, where you see Index II as the second page. Adv. Treasa Mathew, Mumbai 3) It is not your fault that the initial registered agreement was transferred from the Index II office, is a public document containing the following important information: 1] Type of convention 2] Flat number or house number with land survey number 3] indicates both parties (seller, buyer) 4] Sale price (compensation), final mooring price (market price) 5] Date and time of agreement as well as date and time of registration of agreement 6] stamp duty paid and amounts paid.