Sample Of Introducer Agreement

Discussions have taken place and the parties have decided to conclude this agreement, known as the « agreement, » including its recitals and annexes, which are included in this agreement and are indivisible. Any disputes that may arise in the interpretation of the provisions of this Treaty will be settled out of court, otherwise the Virginia-U.S. courts will be the competent authority to settle the contractual/contractual terms of this litigation in the United States. The award of arbitration is final and binding for both parties. Nothing in this agreement should contradict a mandatory provision of an applicable law. The above recitals are incorporated into the provisions of this agreement. Where a rejected sub-importer is, at any time and for any reason, directly or indirectly related to the importer of TPL, all royalties resulting from the introduction of this sub-supplier are considered to be imported under this agreement. Any notification as part of the agreement must be made in writing. You may also be interested in our distribution agency contracts if the importer also sells on behalf of your company. Both parties undertake to act in good faith and, in particular, the service provider is required to do nothing that could harm the importer. The relationship can be ad hoc, intermittent or regular.

While many recommendations are only the result of the initiation to be in a unique position to recommend your business to a contact, some participants in the introduction are doing so and will be actively on Scouts and asking for initiations. This agreement applies to all types of introductory rules. Finance. Successful introductions result in a commission payment to the importer. The conditions for calculation and payment must be set. The contracting parties state that the agreement is in no way regarded as a « common interest mandate » (mandate of common interest), in accordance with the concept of French law: (ii) an agreement on trade agents, in particular within the meaning of Directive 86/653/EEC on the coordination of Member States` laws relating to independent trade agents; (iii) an agreement on « traveller, representative, placier » (trade agents) within the meaning of Article L. 7311-3 of the French labour code. In particular, the introductor represents the brand and guarantees that it does not exercise an exclusive and permanent substitute profession without carrying out a commercial operation for its own benefit, and that this will always be the case during the contract. If this situation changes during the course of the contract, the contract automatically ends and agrees to inform the brand immediately. This agreement does not require the importer to find orders for you or to sell your products or services on your behalf as an intermediary. On the contrary, we have the option of preventing it from competing with you and selling similar goods or services.