Iata Standard Ground Handling Agreement 2004

24 42 Appendix A 43 Appendix A 43 Appendix A Arrival a) perfm (b) Opening/closing F of air passengers-Dos Direct passengers of the aircraft by checks (a) f (1) Liaison service 2 ) Remote Baggage Check/Off Airpt Services Infm Passengers/Public on arrival/departure time Departure passengers and baggage 2.2 and direct air passengers for connecting with Airpt Handle passengers arriving from the Airpt; Deliver baggage to approaching passengers under local rail intermodal transptation procedures, Passengers and baggage on board the road and baggage Assist passengers and baggage in accordance with subsections 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, if applicable, to replace the rail, road Sea Transptation f aircraft, and flight (s), and the terminal f airpt Direct passengers from the transpt line Load Baggage transpt on connection, as by rail, the sea route trans operatpt handle arriving passengers and luggage of the rail, the sea route transpts passengers in direct arrival by checks to airlines departure services , how to the railway, SGHA Road 2004 Section 3 Ramp Baggage Handling Services baggage area preparation for delivery on flights (a) Bulk baggage (a) ULDs The number and/or weight of the ulcer (a) Bulk baggage (b) on – on and provide unit load control with the Infmation Offload (a) Mass Baggage (b) ULDs Priitise Baggage Delivery to the Claim Range (a) Baggage (b) Oversized Baggage (a) Provide (b) Arrangement f (1) Transfer Baggage Station. (2) Baggage delivery stage (step-by-step delays set in Schedule B). (3) Placement of baggage in the thorn zone of the receiving carrier Handle-Crew -Gep-ck (a) (b) Order the marshalling on arrival and departure Parking (a) Availability (b) Positioning and/removal of wheel flaps position and/removal (a) landing gear locks. b) covers for the concealment of engines. c) pitot blankets. SGHA 2004 16 26 Main Agreement Handling is committed to ensuring that the services provided by specialized personnel are maintained by the airline. If, at any time, the Handling Company is unable to provide the personnel required by the airline, the Handling Company will immediately provide the carrier with sufficient information and instructions to enable the Handling Company to properly verify its operation in the delivery of services as a whole. The safety, local and international regulations, IATA and/or ICAO in force and/or other rules, regulations and procedures, as well as the aforementioned requests of the airline, must be respected in order to avoid delays and damage to the air carrier`s aircraft and cargoes and to give the public the best impression of air-borne air. , threatens actual aircraft and loads noticed during handling which, in one way or another, in the knowledge of the handling company the parties have mutual agreement on f quality standards to achieve all services, do not exclude those covered by sub-article 5.1.