Grant Agreement Number Svenska

Risk-based analysis: high amounts, large number of subcontractors, new beneficiaries, etc. All devices purchased under EU projects must have an acronym and a GA number. Contact your GMO administrator for printed stickers that you can place on your device. The last payment is made 90 days after the final reports (final financial report and technical report) have been approved and includes payment of the remaining contribution, including the 5% included in the Guarantee Fund. In some cases, it is possible to deviate from the framework agreements. This is a formal decision and the exit procedure must be followed. This must be done through a dialogue with an institution`s purchasing coordinator and the purchasing and purchasing department. Suspicion of fraud, such as plagiarism or doubling subsidies. The result is an audit of OLAF. We will pay the grant to the Swedish candidate organisation. The procedure differs slightly depending on the type of funding we have granted you: below you will find links to all the documents you need for your application. It is important that you do not use previous versions. Download them and save them first.

Be sure to select the application form for the right type of issue and region/country. If your cooperation project lasts more than 12 months: Step 1: You must send us an interim report until the deadline indicated in your agreement. Then we will pay for the next tranche of the subsidy. Use the following forms for your interim report: The accepted project is then a final report, audit report (FAR) updated with all disagreements. A report on the findings of the review decision is attached to the schedule. No no. You cannot apply separately for such expenses. However, they are included in the doors for Creative Force projects. It is a program to support international projects. It is open to Swedish organisations and their partners in our destination countries who, through the media or art, are working to strengthen democracy, human rights and freedom of expression. It offers two types of grants: seed assistance is available for a small project or pilot project. You and your international partner can apply for up to 100,000 SEK for a project that must be completed within 12 months of granting aid.

NB: Contact us at if you need a written report form for a project funded in 2018. Direct purchase is permitted when the value of the purchase is less than SEK 586 907 and the purchasing coordinator must always be contacted when the value is SEK 100,000 (exkl.