Child Care Transportation Agreement

A copy of the transport directive is made available to parents and will be reviewed if necessary. Mobile information for children, a first aid kit and a mobile phone are taken with them every time children are transported. At least one member of the group will have a valid first aid and CPR certification when children are transported. Children are constantly supervised during transport. Safety rules are developed in collaboration with children. If a child`s behaviour during transport is always problematic and uncertain, parents are responsible for transporting their child. During transportation, children are closely monitored. Participation is checked each time before leaving the centre and before leaving school and again when the children arrive at the centre. Apple Child Care will establish a relationship with all the schools we serve.

Schools receive a list of children participating in Apple Child Care. Schools are informed if staff are late before and/or after school and are invited to supervise the children until we arrive. Conditions during transport: at least 1:15 for school-age children and 1:10 for kindergarten children are maintained, while children are transported to school. Facilitators responsible for transporting children participate in training on transport policies and procedures. Parents must inform the child`s school of the transport arrangements. The transport contract is renewed each school year. There is no additional cost for transporting children between school and the centre. . Children who walked to school and from school. Transportation methods and child care responsibility.